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She Is...” is designed for women, by women, as a single-source information and blog site for news and opinion on women’s health, entertainment, inspiration, and more. Our mission is to improve the lives of women everywhere through knowledge, motivation, and a little bit of fun.  Each of our contributors voice their thoughts and opinions on issues they care about.  We do not censor their opinions and therefore we do not necessarily share them.  We do not feel there is enough CIVIL debate on issues today and we encourage you to comment on any post or opinion you share or disagree with.  However, if we deem that the comments are not CIVIL we will delete comments at our editorial discretion.  These deletions will only be for violations of our civil discussion rule and not based on our opinion of your post content. So, have fun and discuss away! We update our articles daily, so be sure to bookmark this page for the latest news!

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