15 eye-opening comics that perfectly illustrate double standards in our society

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As a cartoonist myself, I really enjoy articles such as this one that include a collection of other artists’ work that I can look at. However, in this collection of toons, though the art styles might be adorable…they tackle a very important topic: Double Standards in today’s world.

Double standards in our society…

Let’s face it – times have changed.  Double standards exist everywhere, but women more commonly get the short end of the stick when it comes to labeling and stereotyping. Women are no longer the busy little homebodies that they once were.  Now, the world has opened up so many new opportunities for women to pursue.

Want to be a corporate executive? Rock it.

Thinking about pursuing a career in professional sports? You go girl.

Want to be a stay-at-home-super-mom? Get it.

The point is, that we as women, are no longer confined to just one route anymore.  Heck, some of the women I know are stronger than some of the men I know. Women are going places in this world.  We don’t need to be married or have kids to live a fulfilled life.  Women everywhere are finding fulfillment and purpose is many alternative routes.  And, that is so awesome. It’s great that we have all these options and we have the ability to choose to pursue what truly makes us happy.

Socially, there is nothing a woman can’t do that a man can these days.  So, why do we still have such awkward double standards?  Why are we still stuck in this old mentality that women are some beneath men, or that there are things that okay for men to do, but not for women in social or career settings?

When a man takes charge, he’s a leader.  When a woman takes charge, she’s bossy.

When a man has sex with a bunch of different women, he’s popular.  When a woman does the same, she’s a skank.

Those are just a couple of the many double standards illustrated in this set of cartoons.  These are truly eye opening.  I’ll admit, even I catch myself buying into stereotypes occasionally, but it’s important to stay conscious of what you’re thinking and be considerate of change or things that don’t fit the norm.

These double standards don’t just exist in a state of men vs. women, either.  In fact, they exist a lot from woman to woman…and in my opinion, that’s even worse.  Tall vs. Short…Skinny vs. Fat…Pretty vs. Ugly…I could go on and on.

Together, we are stronger!

Ladies, we are much better off if we can just be kind to each other and respect the fact that we are all people with flaws and differences.  We stronger if we stand together.  I’ve seen it many times – women judging other women.  If you’re doing this on some kind of shallow and superficial level, you’re promoting these double standards and holding women down.

Cartoons like this speak to me…because their whimsical nature of touching on issues can make us realize how silly we are being. These double standards are one of those things.

So, enjoy the comics and let me know what you think!



10+ Eye-Opening Comics That Illustrate Double Standards In Society You Might Be Guilty Of

Unfortunately, double standards exist. Despite society gradually becoming more aware of how double standards should not be the “norm” and are unfair and biased, there will always be people too stubborn to consider double standards even exist. At the same time, some people are just not aware of double standards.

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