We all love the beauty of nature. From the birds of the sky to the pearls of the sea, our earth is full of beautiful wonders. Here are some classic necklaces to incorporate Mother Nature’s delicate beauties into your wardrobe. Whether you need to dress up or dress down an outfit, these necklaces will compliment any style.

1. Birds & Feathers


These simple necklaces add the perfect touch of our feathery friends without taking over your look. The delicate charms speak femininity and beauty. If you are looking to make more of a statement with your necklace, try a bold feather necklace with rhinestones. Birds are limitless in the world and so are women!

Get your birds & feathers necklaces here:

Simple & Delicate Soar Choker Necklace

Layered Boho Bird and Full Moon Choker Necklace

Feather Statement Necklace


2. Leaves of Gold and Silver

leaf necklaces


Nothing says “natural” more than leaves. These beautiful leaf necklaces show the delicate intricacies of leaf patterns that everyone admires. There are many ways to wear leaves, and these are our favorites. From the simple lariat pendants to the bold statement necklaces, these are perfect for any outfit.

Get your leaf necklaces here:

Minimal Lariat Delicate Adjustable Two Leaf Necklace

Boho Multi Layer Necklace with Leaves, Discs and Stones

Real Dipped Leaf Pendant Necklace

Delicate Vintage Style Leaf Statement Necklace


3. Crystals and Stones

crystal and stone necklaces

From healing crystals to raw stones, these necklaces are always stunning. Whether paired with a T-shirt or a fancy dress, they bring the perfect balance of Mother Nature. Our favorite style is stones or crystals paired with a stunning metal, like gold.

Get your crystal & stone necklaces here:

Natural Stone Crystal And Moon Crescent Choker Necklace

Raw Natural Druzy Geode Pendant Necklace


4. Pearls

Pearl Necklaces

Every woman needs a pearl necklace, but not every woman wants a Plain Jane pearl string necklace. Here are our favorite ways to add a touch of pearls to any outfit in a unique and stunning way.

Get your pearl necklaces here:

Pearl & Leaves Statement Necklace

Delicate Pearl Shell Necklace

Lariat Classic Pearl And Leaf Necklace

Classic Pearl Pendant Necklace


See all of our necklaces here! What are your favorites?


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