5 Women’s Health Issues Every Man Should Know

5 Women’s Health Issues Every Man Should Know (realclearlife.com)

[Real Clear Life, 2/7/19]  With Valentine’s Day coming up, men would be wise to remember that sometimes the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman is support her. And support begins with understanding, especially when it comes to her health.

Many women deal with daily symptoms of painful, annoying, chronic physical conditions, and have long been told they’re too sensitive, or that the pain is in their head or — most malevolently — that men’s needs come first.

What can you do to help? At the very least, edify thyself, with this brief guide to womanhood on the fritz. These are the issues you might not have heard of that could be impacting the women in your life, in the bedroom and beyond.

Before we get into the specifics, a guiding principle: check in with your partner on a regular basis to see how she is feeling physically, including during sex. And if she mentions pain, help her book an appointment with the gynecologist. Not counting hair pulling, biting or other mutually consensual activities, sex should not be painful. Repeat: sex should not be painful……….

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