6 Midlife Sex Myths That Sabotage Your Love Life

6 Midlife Sex Myths That Sabotage Your Love Life (everydayhealth.com)

[Everyday Health, 2/18/19]  Getting busy later in life doesn’t have to be a snore. Read on to learn how to have a happy and healthy sex life at any age.

When it comes to sex after 40, one of the biggest misconceptions is that age will sour your sex life. But in reality, “many women in midlife say the quality of sex is better than ever because they know themselves and what pleases them,” says Barb DePree, MD, a gynecologist and director of women’s midlife services at Holland Hospital in Holland, Michigan. “Plus, they feel an intimacy and connection with their partner that’s unique to an older stage of life.”

Read on to discover six more sex myths doctors hear all the time — and the truth about how to have a satisfying sex life at any age or stage.

Myth #1: Menopause Steals Your Sex Drive

The Truth: During perimenopause and menopause, levels of the sex drive-boosting hormones estrogen and testosterone do decrease, so you probably won’t be in the mood as often as you were in your twenties or thirties. But don’t expect your libido to take a complete nosedive; in fact, since sex drive is partly psychological, the opposite may be true. “Some women find that their libido increases when the kids are out of the house, and after menopause when they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant,” says Margery L.S. Gass, MD, a gynocologist and executive director of the North American Menopause Society. If you’ve noticed a big dip lately, talk to your gynecologist since a decrease in sex drive has been linked to a number of serious health problems, from depression to type 2 diabetes………

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