6 Surprising Things That Can Happen When You Have An Orgasm

6 Surprising Things That Can Happen When You Have An Orgasm (huffpost.com)


[Huffington Post,1/10/19]  Orgasm. The Big O. Climax. Coming. Getting off. Ejaculation. We may have different terms for it, but we can agree on one thing: Orgasms can be seriously satisfying.

For many people, the orgasm process is pleasurable but fairly predictable: There’s the buildup, those toe-curling contractions, followed by a feeling of well-being and relaxation. But occasionally, some unexpected stuff can occur, like sudden headaches, sneezing or crying. (The causes of some of these phenomena are still a bit of a mystery because there isn’t a ton of data on orgasms. And the data researchers do have is based on small sample sizes.)

Below are just a few of the surprising things that can happen when you have an orgasm. Some are rare, and others are more common, but all are a reminder that our bodies are curious things……….

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