8 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About In Vitro Fertilization and Fertility Treatments

[Everyday Health, 12/27/18]  Headed to the fertility clinic? Here are 8 realities about IVF and other infertility treatments that your doctor may not mention — but that you should be aware of.

Embarking on a fertility treatment journey can feel like falling down a rabbit hole: Not only is it difficult to know what to expect in terms of the process and the outcome but there are also lots of fine points and nuances that your doctor may neglect to tell you.

“Doctors often describe what a patient is going to be going through in a pretty perfunctory, simplistic way — they don’t talk about the details that are involved,” says Sharon Covington, the director of psychological support services for Shady Grove Fertility in Washington, DC, one of the largest fertility practices in the United States, with locations in multiple states.

That’s unfortunate, because certain aspects of fertility workups and fertility treatments can profoundly affect a couple’s experience with the process and their state of mind. Here are eight fertility and fertility treatment realities that your doctor may not mention — but that you will want to know………

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