8 Ways to Help Finance Fertility Treatments

8 Ways to Help Finance Fertility Treatments (everydayhealth.com)

[Everyday Health, 1/24/19]  You might not know about these potential sources of money to help you and your partner overcome infertility.

The joy of parenting may be priceless, but fertility treatments have a definite price tag. Those can range from tens to hundreds of dollars each month for medication, to tens of thousands of dollar for in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. And fertility clinics generally expect payment up front.

“There’s no one best way to finance fertility treatments,” says William Hurd, MD, chief medical officer at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama. “Each family or woman has to decide what best suits their circumstances.”

Fertility medical practices usually have a financial counselor on staff who can offer suggestions for financing the treatment, such as second mortgages, loans that come with a percentage rate, or drug firms that may offer discounts or even free drugs, based on your income. Here are a few more to consider:…………

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