Giving birth is a beautiful and empowering moment, but it sure can be a whirlwind of a ride. Having tools on hand to help you along the way and allow you to stay focused can be extremely beneficial. That is why I will never be without cayenne should I be blessed with having more children.

Cayenne? Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out.

Yes, when I say cayenne, I am talking about the same spicy pepper that few of us have the ability to handle without practically hosing our mouths down afterward. When you are in labor, that is probably one of the last things you are interested in doing. However, the power of cayenne is not limited to its ability to make us wish we hadn’t just taken that last bite.

Think back to the moments immediately following the last time you had something a little too spicy for your taste. If you are like most people, you probably started talking a little louder to the point where you might have even been yelling about how hot it was. You started flapping your hands frantically toward your mouth, trying to put out the fire. Maybe you got out of your seat and started moving around. The point here is, you got a burst of energy, and that energy came from more than just the fact that you ate something too spicy.

During labor, especially if you happen to have long labors, having a little energy boost can be just what you need to help get you through. Cayenne can do that for you with ease since it will feed your body on a cellular level, and it will improve your blood flow which will provide those cells with more oxygen. A great way to make this a bit more palatable and easy to take during labor is to mix some water, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, a bit of honey, and a 1/2 to full teaspoon of cayenne powder into a tall glass. This drink is actually one I make on a regular basis, but especially when I need a bit more stamina. The lemon and honey, besides cutting down the heat, will help provide your body with more energy, but cayenne will take the prize.

Not only does cayenne improve your blood flow, it also levels out blood pressure which slows down and can stop bleeding. Even in cases where there is a concern for hemorrhage, cayenne can be very effective. What’s even better is that is works quickly. Downing a big glass of the lemon water, honey and cayenne drink or taking a dropper full of a cayenne tincture should be enough to make bleeding more manageable within seconds. Many midwives carry cayenne tinctures with them for this very reason. Please keep in mind though, if you have concerns about blood loss, please speak with your healthcare provider. Cayenne is a wonderful tool, but having a trained and knowledgeable provider there to monitor your safety is not a step that should be overlooked.

As an herbalist, I have a pretty long list of herbs I want available to me during any future labors, but cayenne is at the very top of my list. Thankfully, it is very easy to find and is inexpensive. I have a large jar of cayenne powder at home because it ends up in a lot of dishes, various herbal remedies, and of course in my drinks. When you are in labor, your body is already undergoing some pretty impressive feats. If you can handle that, a little cayenne is nothing to be afraid of. I say, bring on the heat. You got this, mama!


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Olivia Chasteen
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Olivia is a wife, mother, and certified nutritional herbalist. She received her certification through The School of Natural Healing, which was founded by one of America’s foremost herbalists. As a mother, Olivia chose herbalism because she wanted a natural way to care for and protect her family and herself. She started Herbs By Mama so that she could share her knowledge on herbs and nutrition with others looking to improve their health.