Allergies – Why does everything that is good and beautiful in the world irritate my sinuses?

It’s summer – I look out the window and it’s partly cloudy, everything is green, flowers are in bloom, squirrels and birds are hopping around in the pine trees. It looks like paradise (from the safety of my house).

I watch as two kids ride down the sidewalk on their bicycles, laughing about something.  I look down at my tennis shoes sitting in the entry way and think, ‘I’d sure like to go for a walk this morning, maybe my allergies won’t be so bad this time.’


I step outside, ready to embrace the outdoors…I smile, and it seems as though the world is smiling back.  I take a deep breath of warm air.  And suddenly, there it is…I can feel it…a tickle in the back of my nose and an itch in the corner of my eye.  It’s not so bad…I can manage this.

I keep walking, enjoying the trees and the birdsong as I go.  The tickle and the itch intensify with every breath I take.  And, before I know it every one of my facial orifices is leaking.

Why Nature? Why must you assault me?

If you’re someone like me…you LOVE the outdoors and animals.  But, sometimes, they just don’t love you back.  I was SO excited when She Is launched their new product, Breathe Now.  I had the opportunity to sample it, and now I am all stocked up!  I spend a lot of time outside and with animals…So, it’s not uncommon for my allergies to act up and inconvenience me.  I tried things like Benadryl and Allegra, looking for relief, but they always ended up making me drowsy and tired.  I always ended up choosing the discomfort of my allergies over the symptom relief when I was outside.

Breathe Now is some sort of magic though…it offers fast allergy relief without the symptoms from the antihistamines.  AND, (here’s an awesome bonus) it’s made with all-natural ingredients.  I don’t have to worry about over medicating or putting some kind of funky chemical in my body.  I’m recommending it to all my friends now (I hang out with an outdoorsy bunch). Even my husband likes it!

She Is has the full bottles in stock and ready to ship, but you can still try out their sample program.  They’ll send you three doses of Breathe Now for FREE (I just had to pay the shipping)! Don’t take my word for it…try it out yourself and don’t live with a leaky face anymore!

Here’s the link to order some Breathe Now! You’ll find the option to try the free samples at this page!



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Hilary is an advocate for women with unique hobbies and interests. She's an outdoor enthusiast that loves nature, wildlife, and hunting. However, she's also a lover of art, cartoons, interior design, and awesome DIY projects. Hilary has a B.Sc in Marketing and Business Management, is recently married, and is the proud pet-parent of a dog, a cat, and two ferrets. Hilary enjoys a good challenge and loves to see other women challenge themselves with new things that might be outside of their comfort zone.