Author: Andie Wyrick

Call the Midwife Unpacked – Rh Factor

I remember what I was doing Sunday, March 25, 2018. Do you? I was butt to the chair, eyes fixed, and tissue in hand as the soft voice of my favorite narrator read from a midwife’s memoirs. For one whole hour, I am allowed to escape to 1960 with the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House. Call the Midwife (in case you live under a lonely, sad rock) is a television diamond!!! AND I insist you watch it. Seriously, don’t continue reading this blog until you have binged all six seasons and the Christmas specials. We will wait… The...

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What a goose can teach us about blame

On occasion, a simple stop at Jack in the Box turns me into a philosopher. Journey with me and take in the lunacy and amusement of my fast food scene. It is the last day of Spring Break and my children love to take the boat, park at the dock, and grab lunch. The sun takes on the challenge to warm the frigid lake. Boats purr. A breeze tickles my hair. A family casts their fishing lines happily into the dark green water off the pier nearby. In the restaurant, my kiddos are snug in life vests, giving me...

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When Vaginas Meet Greek Mythology

If your vagina were the universe! (And let’s be real…IT IS!) and if one day it had a chance encounter with Greek Mythology (it could happen), then your discharge would be Hermes. Side note: I giggle at the thought of discharge having winged feet and a hat, but I digress.   First, a little background for all the non-mythology geeks. Hermes was an Olympian god with the capability to traverse borders and guide folks to the “underworld.” He was actually quite powerful because he was a child of Zeus. As the god of boundaries and transitions, Hermes was notorious...

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Women Do Think Like Men: Case Closed

Setting the Stage Picture this. Women of different ages, various backgrounds, and born on opposite ends of the Earth gathered as a new friendship tribe. Each eager to absorb the other, but reluctant to unveil vulnerability until the cork is popped. That hesitance is socially ingrained and difficult to overcome for a woman who is criticized daily for every action, reaction, and word her body does NOT give a voice to, but others hear, like overweight women are lazy, thin women are bitchy, or women with breast augmentation are bimbos. Untruths but heard by sight alone. That goes for...

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Rescue Pink: Staring Gendercide in Its Ugly Face

Our beautiful, sacred world and humanity is plagued by a monstrous and LOUD “known secret” called gendercide. Simply put, gendercide is the methodical slaughter of members of a targeted gender. The term is often confused with ‘genocide’ (deliberate mass murders), however, gendercide pursues exclusively one gender, usually women. So gendercide is the genocide of a particular gender. When the murder is aimed at women, it is defined as femicide. In the age of the internet and easy access to information, this horrific reality should not be kept from our ears or eyes. I must agree that staring blatant hatred in...

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