Author: Andie Wyrick

Doin’ It Doggie Style (or What we can learn from dogs)

I have shared before in a previous post that my midwifery journey began as I held space for a beautiful creature named Bingo. This dog allowed me to hold her paw, stroke her working body, and serve her as she journeyed into motherhood. I am so grateful for those moments. This week as the circle of life and love continued, another graceful being brought her babes earthside. I would like to congratulate the newest member of the Mom Tribe, Maizie. You are a birthing goddess and noble mother. Bravo!!! (She can’t read because she is a dog… but her...

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Let’s Check Under Your Hood

We are all privy to the analogy that women are like cars. The jokes flow, and the comparisons are ample. Headlights are breasts. “Junk in her trunk” describes a shapely bottom. “Dents in her fender” are cellulite. Should I continue? It’s just another modern day tendency to objectify women…but that is another blog post all together. I am using the metaphor to introduce you to what really lies under your hood. I present to you your magical, miraculous, mystical CLITORIS. Knowledge of the clitoris, “cliteracy”, is radically influenced by culture. Research shows that clitoral ignorance plagues the masses and...

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Not a Spectator Sport

There exists a cruel falsity in the birthing space I have seen the headlines. I have read the books. I have listened and absorbed. And I have found there exists a cruel falsity in the birthing space. It is an unabashed cultural brainwash whispering harshly, “Papa, you are in the way and don’t belong here.” As a midwife and a woman who has birthed six times, I can with merit and volume declare the extreme value a partner’s role holds in that sacred environment.   Let me set the scene: it has been forty weeks since you both decided...

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Being a MOMMA Midwife

For me, becoming a midwife was innate, and it flowed from me. It appeared to be where my purpose and passion got married and had a baby (see what I did there). Everything about it fit and felt right. I had always considered this path to be grown from love and sacrificial by nature. It is. My assumptions were correct. In order to remain dedicated, you must have a love for it, AND there is huge sacrifice involved. Unfortunately, those assumptions were built on preconceptions as opposed to reflection. Time and consideration have uncovered a larger truth about sacrifice...

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When Midwifery Meets Sexual Trauma and Birth

        I have wanted to be around pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize initially that midwifery was the word for the passion I had burning inside of me. My story into that world played out like a movie. (I am an avid reader, so I’m sure the book would be better!). Flashback to a little redheaded, curious creature with freckles sprinkled across her nose crawling into the doghouse. I recall being in kindergarten the first time I witnessed birth. My sweet and tender dog, Bingo, gave life to the tiniest and...

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