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Do You See A Battery?

“I swallowed a battery.” That’s what my 2-year old told me after saying his tummy hurt. Imagine, if you will, nursing your newborn and watching your toddler play with his hot wheels, and then BOOM – in comes talk of batteries and tummies. His Nana and Aunt Sarah had just left our house, so I quickly called them to see if they saw anything. He hadn’t left their sight while they were here. He hadn’t left my sight before or after they left. What if I missed something? We don’t keep button batteries in the house, but there are...

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Delicious and Easy Sourdough Pancakes Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links. Don’t worry, I only link to items I actually use. Now that I’ve shown you how to make your own sourdough starter (see here), it’s time to put that starter to good use! If you are like me when I first started making my sourdough starter, you might be wondering how to use all that extra starter. A half-gallon of constantly-fed starter can look very intimidating! When I feel like my starter supply is growing too large, pancakes are my go-to treat for my family. This recipe, tweaked over time with love, yields melt-in-your-mouth...

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How to Make a Sourdough Starter

*This post contains affiliate links. Don’t worry, I only link to items I actually use. As a mom, I find it very important to pay attention to the nutritional quality of what my family eats. About two years ago, I discovered the wonders of sourdough bread and the old school way of making it. Before I started making my own sourdough, I would have various symptoms of gluten intolerance. As I began researching this, I found so much information on how bread, bread-making, and even the way we grow the wheat for the bread has changed through the centuries....

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The Natural Birth Story of Milo Henry – The Father’s Perspective

Our first son, Preston Alexander, came two days before his due date so Melissa and I thought, as we approached Milo’s due date, that we wouldn’t have to wait long for our second little boy to show up. Milo was due September 30th, and on that day, we went to the mall and walked around it, probably five times. We were both exhausted afterward, but Melissa didn’t show any signs of labor. After another week of meetings, all set tentatively, we got to Friday night. Melissa was tired of being pregnant, and I was tired of waiting, and Preston...

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The Natural Birth Story of Milo Henry – The Mother’s Perspective

This is the birth story from my perspective. Stay tuned for Milo’s birth from the perspective of my husband, midwife, and best friend! Even though he made me wait an extra week, Milo’s birth was amazing and thrilling! When I found out I was pregnant, I asked God to give us a name for our child. Three nights in a row, I had a dream that we were having a boy, and his name was Milo. This was odd to me because Milo wasn’t a name I had heard much or ever considered. However, I now understand why God...

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