Bad cough that won’t quit part of winter virus going around

Bad cough that won’t quit part of winter virus going around (

[Healthy Holistic Living, 2/11/19]  With the winter months kicking off in full force, the flu is on the rise. But there is another vicious virus going around that is becoming well known for the unwelcomed amount of time it’s sticking around in our bodies. If it seems that everyone around you is suffering from some form of a cold intermingled with coughing and congestion, it’s because this year’s winter virus includes a nagging bad cough that just won’t seem to go away.

The Seemingly Unbeatable Virus

For weeks now, there have been reports of multiple illnesses, including gastrointestinal sickness. But the most common has been illnesses that include severe respiratory irritation and infection. Unlike the flu that can strike suddenly, the symptoms of this virus can start from small complications to symptoms that may require a visit to the emergency room. We all know how annoying congestion and coughs can be, especially when they affect our sleep, or when they just won’t go away.

Coughing can help keep your throat clear from phlegm and other irritants in your body. However, sustained coughing can also be symptomatic of conditions such as allergies or viral or bacterial infections. This current virus has left the looming complaint that while the virus itself seems to be sticking around longer than average, the cough continues to annoyingly linger as well. And when viruses stick around for more than several days, you need to pay attention to make sure it has not turned bacterial………….

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