She is… A Character

Hilary has many unique hobbies.  However, she never grew out of watching and loving cartoons and she’s been doodling and drawing since she could hold a crayon.  Hilary believes that staying in touch with your inner child is key to living a happy a life.

As a woman, Hilary knows that, sometimes, we can be silly.  She’s a believer in that we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while and find humor in our every day quirks.

My Thoughts: The Wonder Women of Botswana Safari

The Wonder Women of Botswana Safari Read the Original Story Here. This article (more of a well-told story, actually) really spoke to me.  I found myself grinning and nodding as I made my way through it.  It's lengthy, but it's worth the read. The article tells of an...

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Why I Decided To Get My CHL

Last weekend, I spent almost my entire Saturday in a classroom to test for my CHL (concealed handgun license).  As of last year, it's actually referred to an LTC (License to Carry) because the state of Texas passed open carry laws. Why?... I've always enjoyed shooting...

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The Perfect Manicure

This is why we can't have nice nails. Surely, I can't be the ONLY girl with this struggle? Right? You slave away, filing, shaping, and polishing those nails with the perfect color only to find that every force in the household universe wants to destroy your fine work....

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Friday Nights

The True Nature of Friday Night... We've all got them, those Facebook friends who seem to run on some magical and unlimited supply of positive energy and mascara.  I see their Instagram and Facebook photos - they are always out on the town, hanging out with their...

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Folding Towels

Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to fold towels? Ask any woman and she will tell you!  We don't expect the men in our lives to understand it, we just need them to accept it. "But...They just go in a closet." When my husband and I moved in together, we...

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Life With Women

My recent cartoon series depicting “Life With Women”. Girls and women are funny, complicated, and strange creatures. “Life With Women” is a women’s cartoon that highlights some of the silly things we do.

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