Cannabis is being used to help improve women’s sexual health

Cannabis is being used to help improve women’s sexual health (

[Daily Hive, 2/8/19]  There are a lot of claims being made about cannabis’ medical properties. As we wait for the science — and reporting — to separate the fact from fiction it can help to have a guide who’s first-hand experience can serve as a starting point for education.

“With adult-use (recreational) legalization on the horizon, I began to pursue studies in cannabis for health and wellbeing in my free time at the start of last year,” Ess told Daily Hive. “Now, through programs at Tula Holistic Coaching, I help women learn to use cannabis alongside other holistic practices, to relieve chronic pain, anxiety and burnout, so they can live healthier, more energetic, and fulfilling lives.”

She believes that pot has the power to do more than just relieve pain and make you hungry. Her work has shown her that cannabis can be a powerful tool in helping some women improve their sexual health by “enhancing relaxation, addressing pain and discomfort, increasing libido and heightening sensitivity.” It is also helping women deal with the painful cramping of menstrual cycles and the many symptoms of menopause.

Ess is appearing this weekend at Ellementa Calgary: Sex, Love & Self-Care with Cannabis, on February 10, at Cafe Koi, at 1011 1st St SW in Calgary, from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm. The seminar covers numerous topics, including questions around CBD……….

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