Challenging the Norm and Breaking Out of Comfort Zones Will Push Healthcare Forward

Challenging the Norm and Breaking Out of Comfort Zones Will Push Healthcare Forward (

[Adweek, 4/15/19]  Brands in this industry need to be more open to change.

Too often we laugh, scoff or dismiss thinking or ideas that don’t conform with “the way we do things.” But it’s fresh thinking that inspires us to challenge convention and complacency—and sometimes even change the world.

Today, technology and data are driving a proliferation of channels and mediums that are enabling new thinking and ideas to find an audience and disrupt cultural and societal norms around the world.

Few industries embody this dynamic of cultural change more than health and wellness where ideas from the fringe, historically overlooked and shunned, have gained mainstream currency and flipped the way we do health. We’re living in an expectation economy where the consumer is taking more control, and businesses need to quickly adapt to the new ways people are seeking, receiving, paying for and engaging with healthcare.

For instance, only a few years ago it would have been taboo to trust recommendations from a stranger or a diagnosis from a physician you’ve never met, but that notion is long gone with the rise of urgent care facilities, patient social networks and telemedicine services that allow consumers to get care and treatment on-demand…….

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