Coconut oil is still not healthy, dietitians say

[USA Today, 12/14/18]  Over a year since research out of the American Heart Association said coconut oil isn’t healthy, dietitians are still telling people to avoid eating much of it.

Coconut oil is more than 80 percent saturated fat — far beyond butter (63 percent), beef fat (50 percent) and pork lard (39 percent), according to the American Heart Association. It has “no known offsetting favorable effects,” the AHA said in a past advisory stating coconut oil could actually increase LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, a cause of cardiovascular disease.

The data wasn’t exactly new, but it did ignite a firestorm of conversation about coconut oil, which in recent years has been marketed as a health food and even a solution for weight loss in some circles.

Ginger Hultin, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and registered dietitian, told USA TODAY she still doesn’t recommend people add coconut oil to their diets but says a small amount shouldn’t hurt. By small, she says less than a tablespoon a day. She doesn’t endorse heaping spoonfuls into smoothies or coffee………….

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