Without Judy, coffee cannot function in the morning. It wakes up to her radiance, and often comes back later for a pick me up around 2 pm.



About the Author

Judy is an advocate for women everywhere. She was born sometime around 1972 BC and has been a major influence throughout history. Her life’s work has been centered around changing the lives of others. During her time, Judy has travelled the world, rubbing elbows with a slew of important figures. She has been involved in major scientific discoveries, artistic movements, and other historical moments.
In her free time, Judy enjoys volunteering to help women in need and tutoring young women who are attending school. Her current major project outside of includes launching a new line of designer perfumes.
Judy stumbled upon She Is and reached out to the team. Upon seeing her impressive portfolio, she was brought onboard to work with the staff. She’s moved across country, from her hometown to be in Houston with the staff of She Is – the next great movement for women.