The Day My Child Lost Her Joy — And What I Did to Revive It

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I believe that we must always keep our perspective as we reach for success.  It is important to check in once in a while with ourselves and see if what we are becoming in pursuit of what we want is who we want to be.  I have no idea what pressures this woman was living with and that really is not germane to the point of the story.  I thought the relevant point of the story was that she had become so caught up in doing everything perfectly that she missed the key to true success is living a happy, fulfilling life.  Stop for a moment and check in with yourself and make sure you love your life. 

Let us know what your secrets to loving life are.




The Day My Child Lost Her Joy – And What I Did to Revive It

In an especially chaotic rush out the door to go on a family vacation, I sat in the passenger seat fuming. Mad because I didn’t have time to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Mad because we were late getting on the road. Mad because the garage door was acting up.


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Mary is currently married but was the single mother of 3 sons during their growing up years. She understands the challenges a woman faces in that role and was a pioneer of breaking women into the executive suite. She has played an active role in all aspects of the business. She has throughout a long career of over 50 years touched almost every aspect of business from accounting, to computer programming, to marketing, and motivational speaking. She now owns and sits on the Board of Directors of several companies.