Does CES Have a Problem With Women’s Sex Toys?

Does CES Have a Problem With Women’s Sex Toys? (

[Glamour, 1/18/19]  The Osé, a robotic massager for women, won an Innovation Award ahead of the 2019 tech showcase. Then CES took the honor back.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the Oscars of the tech industry. For the rest of us, it’s a chance to get a first look at the coolest new gadgets: self-rolling suitcases, roll-up TVs, smart toilets, and out-of-this world wearables. A big debut here can kick-start interest and orders for a new product. And that’s especially true if you’re honored with one of CES’s Innovations Awards.

So when Lora Haddock, CEO of the company Lora DiCarlo, heard her product was getting the Innovation nod, she was pumped. The company’s little invention? It’s called Osé, and it’s a hands-free robotic massager that stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot to help women achieve a “blended orgasm.” But a few weeks later, the honor was abruptly rescinded and Haddock was told the Osé was disqualified. When she pressed for answers, things got worse—the company was banned from even showing at CES.

The Osé (whosename means “risqué” in Italian) may be titillating, but it’s also a technological feat. Developed by a team of mostly female engineers and with the robotics lab at Oregon State University, the Osé uses advanced micro-robotics to simulate the sensations of the human mouth, tongue, and fingers. The tech is so sophisticated—it currently has eight patents pending in robotics, biomimicry, and engineering—the smart massager earned a coveted spot as an honoree in the robotics and drones category in CES’s Innovation Awards Program. Before the honor was revoked, that is………………

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