Drinking tea may be bad for unborn babies, study shows

Drinking tea may be bad for unborn babies, study shows (irishexaminer.com)

[Irish Examiner, 1/15/19]  Expectant mothers drinking tea may be bad for their unborn baby’s health, a new study shows.

It is not well-recognised that tea contains a significant amount of caffeine, so its consumption should also be taken into consideration when trying to adhere to the guideline caffeine intake limit during pregnancy.

The study, carried out by lead researcher Ling-Wei Chen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nutritional and Life Course Epidemiology, at University College Dublin (UCD), shows a consistent link between both coffee and tea caffeine and adverse birth outcomes.

Mr Chen wanted to know if there is a link between maternal caffeine intake and negative birth outcomes in a population where tea is the main caffeine source.

To do so, researchers used data from an Irish cohort study. The data, on about 1,000 Irish women, provided them with the usual dietary intakes of caffeinated products during early pregnancy……………

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