Every Girl I Knew Was On It – Why some women are questioning hormonal birth control

Every Girl I Knew Was On It – Why some women are questioning hormonal birth control (thecut.com)

Every day since I was 15 years old, I have taken “the Pill,” a pale-pink tablet containing a combination of levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, two chemicals that trick my body into thinking it’s pregnant so I can’t actually get pregnant.

[The Cut, 6/17/19]  Since it came on the market in 1960, the Pill – a catchall term for a variety of oral contraceptives containing differing combinations of synthetic hormones — has been the most common form of birth control used in the United States, utilized at some point by four out of five sexually active women. While there are a number of other popular hormonal-birth-control methods, such as the IUD and the NuvaRing, none enjoy the popularity and cultural significance of the Pill.

In high school in Toronto in the early-aughts, it seemed like every girl I knew was put on it, for some reason or another, whether or not she was sexually active. This could be because, as science historian Elizabeth Siegel Watkins notes, marketing around the Pill began to change in the 1990s, with oral contraceptives being promoted not just as a birth-control method but as a “lifestyle” drug with a host of benefits, like treating acne or diminishing menstrual pain. Many of us went on the Pill and then stayed on it through young adulthood, without giving much consideration to the question of what long-term hormone usage might be doing; I took the Pill every day for 13 years without knowing much about it.

Until three months ago, when I quit. In a development that the Pill’s earliest advocates would likely find strange – and concerning, given the increasingly tenuous status of Roe v. Wade under a conservative Supreme Court — many women I know are beginning to question hormonal contraception, particularly its effects on mood and behavior. I wanted to know what was causing us to suddenly doubt something we had been swallowing for years without much thought at all, and how we feel now that we’ve stopped……

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