Everything You Wanted To Know About Period Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Period Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask) (huffpost.com)

Experts — as well as men and women who love period sex — share how to make sex during your menstrual cycle more enjoyable.

Is there anything as polarizing, sexually speaking, as period sex?

[Huffington Post, 10/2/19]  There are many people who sing its praises. (Orgasms can relieve cramps and the cluster headaches so many women experience while menstruating, one 2013 study found. Plus, some women experience a surge in their sex drive while on their periods, so why not capitalize on that?) But there are just as many who balk at the idea.

Some who are anti-period sex find the whole experience ― or at least the messy aftermath ― not unlike a crime scene. Naturally, there will be blood. (And of course, sex during menstruation is religiously frowned upon in some cases; in certain sects of Judaism, for instance, observant women refrain from sex during their periods.)

But fans of period sex are fervent in their support.

Malcolm, a 24-year-old studying advertising in Rio de Janeiro, is firmly pro-period sex. Sure, things can get a little messy in the moment, but it’s nothing that a little prep work ― namely, throwing down a dark-colored towel before sex ― can’t take care of.

It’s a turn-on for me. I think of period sex as a little change in an otherwise quiet month,” said Malcom, who, like others in this article, preferred to be identified by first name only for privacy.

Plus, as a boyfriend, I think it’s close to torture to deny sex to a woman during her most hormonally troubled days,” he said. (“Hormonally troubled days” ― we’re absolutely going to borrow that one, Malcom.)

For the disinclined or uninterested, it’s often the blood factor that makes period sex a no-go. Bryce, a 19-year-old from New Castle, Pennsylvania, felt that way for a long time.

I think guys are squeamish just over the thought of blood,” he said. “Before I did it, it always made me uncomfortable to think about it. The idea kind of made me lose my sex drive.”

But once he tried it, he quickly became a fan………….

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