We are in the final week(s) waiting for our second son to be born. I feel so ready, yet so unprepared this time around.

With my first baby…

With my firstborn, the entire pregnancy was full of preparation, contemplation, and time. I did extensive research for all we would need for our little one. The registry was added to, edited, and executed meticulously. My days were full of educating myself on every aspect of my son’s development and future needs. I watched birthing videos, went to birthing classes and made birthing plans. Every moment of my day seemed to be dedicated to my pregnancy and baby.

My first time around, though, everything was new and unknown. I had no idea what to expect in pregnancy or labor. I also didn’t have a toddler to chase after nor a job to tend to. I spent a lot of my time just thinking, preparing and waiting. I organized and cleaned and cooked and waited and waited until Preston would arrive.

This time around…

We are literally counting down the days until our second baby boy comes, and I feel like this pregnancy has snuck up on me. Where did the first 8 months go? Between a growing and active toddler to keep up with and a business to help run, time has been flying faster than I can keep up. There was no baby registry or showers, I’ve barely read anything about childbirth, nor have I attended any birthing classes. And for my birthing plans…I’ve learned to just wing it with the wonderful midwife and go with the flow of whatever labor brings.

Though it may seem I’m not prepared from the outside, I feel very at ease and ready for this baby boy to enter this world. I knew what to expect during this pregnancy so I didn’t have to keep reading and wondering if everything was normal. We didn’t need a registry, too, because we had most of what we would need (other than diapers, wipes, and those sorts of things). I packed my “go” bag much later than I did the first time around. In fact, I think I still need to add a few things. Also, there is no keeping my house perfectly clean, but that’s ok. With a toddler, there will be toys out no matter how hard I try to keep them up.

Totally at ease…

I feel like I should be freaking out and anxious like I was with Preston, but I am totally at ease with my lack of “preparedness”. I know what to expect from my midwife and birth center – I love them to death and feel confident and encouraged with them. Instead of obsessing over pregnancy, I’ve spent my last moments with my firstborn as an only child. I’ve been savoring these moments because I know life will never be the same for either of us. I am excited for our boy to come, but will definitely miss the alone time I get with his big brother. I’ve also put my time into my passion – this company – to help build and grow our community of women and the influence and reach we hope to have someday. I look forward to this company being a platform for women to be limitless, and it has been wonderful getting to be part of the foundation of She is… And, while my house may have clutter and never ending piles of laundry, I feel like the truly important things for our new baby are already there. We are ready to lavish him in love and to bring him up as healthy as we can. We are ready to hold our baby, and I know Preston is excited to give him kisses outside of my belly.

From one to two…

The only part about this little guy that I feel completely unprepared for is the reality of switching from one to two children. From everyone I have spoken to, they all say this was the hardest transition. I have no idea of what to expect managing a newborn and a toddler, nor can anything really prepare me for that time. I know it won’t be easy. I know it will be hard to find balance between children, husband, job and myself. But, I am excited about the challenges and rewards this new season will bring. And, luckily, God has placed some great people and a great company that give me support and encouragement for the rough times.

While times may get rough, I know seeing my little man and his big brother will always remind me how much this phase of life is worth. After all, they are only little for such a short time.


About the Author

Melissa Steindl

Melissa is a work-from-home mom of two boys. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Ouachita Baptist University. Her love for Christ influences her lifestyle and work. She loves family life, cooking, art & design, gardening, DIY projects, and natural living.