As I finish up my second trimester in my second pregnancy, I’m realizing all the differences I’ve been experiencing from my first go-around being pregnant. The notions that no pregnancy is the same is very true.

Morning Sickness

I was one of the lucky ones during my first pregnancy to not have to deal with any morning sickness. I never dealt with the crippling nausea that many moms had warned me about. When I became pregnant a second time, however, I was not so lucky. I suffered some debilitating nausea and could hardly eat. The only relief was to lay down and sip ginger tea. Unfortunately, laying down and resting is not a reality for a stay-at-home mom with a toddler. There were many times I was cooking Preston’s food, playing with him, or changing his diapers while gagging. On top of that, I was trying to manage a full-time job. God’s grace in parenting was ever apparent during this period. Thankfully, once I hit around 15 weeks in my pregnancy, that nausea began to dissipate.

The First Kicks

In my first pregnancy, I remember waiting and waiting to feel those first precious flutters. I kept questioning every little feeling in my belly (most were probably in my head), and it wasn’t until around 22 weeks that I felt what was for sure a movement from our sweet boy. Following that, I would have to wait a few more weeks for the kicks to be constant. I loved feeling every little movement, and when our sweet boy got hiccups, I was full of laughter from it tickling me. In this second pregnancy, I felt kicks as early as 15 weeks, and they haven’t stopped since. Our second sweet boy is a kicker for sure, but he more so punches and rolls around. Everything feels much stronger this pregnancy, and I feel so much more aware of my body in connection with the new life it is growing.

The Baby Bump

It surprised me this pregnancy to find that my body kicked into high gear early this pregnancy, especially in the baby bump. I started showing enough for others to notice at around 10 weeks this time. Maybe it had been stretched already with Preston, or my body knew what it was doing. When I was pregnant with Preston, it took until well into my second trimester to even be able to show off a bump. Even now, I feel as huge as I did when Preston was a few weeks away from his entrance to the world. Unfortunately, I have a few more months to go for my belly to keep expanding. Even though I started this pregnancy at a better weight and much healthier, I feel so heavy and tired now. As my muscles stretch apart, too, I have experienced a lot more pain, even with stretching and exercising. I definitely did not expect this amount of progression to happen so quickly. I praise God, however, that everything is healthy and our sweet baby is perfectly protected in my growing midsection.

What differences did you notice between your first and second pregnancies? I’ll share more next week.


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Melissa Steindl

Melissa is a work-from-home mom of two boys. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Ouachita Baptist University. Her love for Christ influences her lifestyle and work. She loves family life, cooking, art & design, gardening, DIY projects, and natural living.