Getting Freaky: Why putting sweets in your vagina is a terrible idea

Getting Freaky: Why putting sweets in your vagina is a terrible idea (

[Metro, 12/20/18]  There was a girl at my school who was nicknamed Fruit-ella.

Her name wasn’t Ella, and it wasn’t because she wore a Carmen Miranda style hat or always made sure to get her five a day.  It was actually because of a rumour that – while she was getting to it with another guy in our year – he inserted a Fruit-ella sweet into her vagina.  It’s been a few years since I was at school, and I can’t remember the details of what happened next, but I believe there was some variation on the sweet getting stuck or melting.  IDK, kids are stupid.

Realistically, it’s unlikely this happened at all, given that most teenage sex involved about five seconds of penetration and a lot of washing-machine-tongue kissing.  Why these 16-year-olds would have already graduated to food play is quite beyond me, and why they used a sweet so unsexy also poses another question.  Beyond that, however, is the fact that even if this story wasn’t true (and therefore wasn’t worth some poor girl being called a sex-based nickname by our horrible rugby team for two years) people probably have done that.

In the realms of Getting Freaky, it’s not actually that freaky.  We often delve into some absolutely wild stuff; like, truly the stuff of nightmares.  In the spirit of Christmas, though, we wanted to shield you from the true horror, and instead remind you of funny and strange school rumours ahead of your annual homecoming and potential reunions.

So, let’s see what would actually happen if you put a sweet treat into your vagina……………………..

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