Good News for Pregnant Women With Psoriatic Arthritis

[MedPage Today, 12/22/18] No adverse effect on birth outcomes, and many reported fewer joint symptoms during pregnancy.

When psoriatic arthritis (PsA) patients become pregnant, they do not have more infertility or adverse pregnancy outcomes compared with healthy controls, a recent study found.

This study is relevant as the average onset age of PsA ranges between the fourth and sixth decades of life, and therefore includes a period of child-bearing potential.

Researchers from Tel Aviv and Toronto employed a questionnaire-based study, including demographic, fertility, pregnancy outcome, and disease activity questions, in PsA patients and healthy controls. The inclusion criterion was diagnosis of PsA before at least one pregnancy.

A total of 74 PsA patients and 74 healthy controls were studied and included 151 pregnancies in PsA and 189 pregnancies in controls. Both groups had similar baseline demographic characteristics………………

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