Has medical advice on taking the pill been wrong all this time?

Has medical advice on taking the pill been wrong all this time? (studentnewspaper.org)

[The Student Newspaper, 2/1/19]  When the contraceptive pill, or ‘the pill,’ first came onto the market in 1960, it revolutionised women’s sexual freedom. Now, over 100 million women globally use the pill as a contraceptive method as well as a way in which to control and regulate their periods. However, new guidelines from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) say that there is no health benefit to the traditional seven-day break when taking the pill. This new information will change the way women are recommended to take the pill and will allow them to skip their periods altogether.

Dr Jane Dixon from the FRSH explained to BBC News that “there’s no build-up of menstrual blood if you miss your break. And actually, for many women, it’s not convenient to have a monthly bleed when they don’t need one.” Beyond convenience, she also discusses the health benefits of not taking a break saying that “we know that quite a lot of women develop side effects in that week, like headaches and mood change.”

Back when it was first used, the dosage of hormones within each pill was significantly higher. Therefore, the break was actually welcomed by women who often suffered from significant side effects whilst using it. The technology was also new so some people felt safer taking occasional breaks, for their health as well as to ensure that they weren’t pregnant.

Another reason for the break, and one which is currently dominating headlines, is the inventor’s religious background and the so-called “Pope rule”.

John Rock was a devout Catholic, something which conflicted with his research into contraceptive methods. Evidence of the opposition of the Catholic Church to the use of contraception dates back to the second century and their stance on contraception and abstinence has changed very little since then. Rock believed that the pill could be a way of getting around this block as a “natural form of contraception”………………..

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