Healing Sexual Pain Caused by Endometriosis

Healing Sexual Pain Caused by Endometriosis (endometriosisnews.com)

[Endometriosis News, 1/17/19]  “What’s your motivation for having sex?”

I hesitated. What was my motivation? Did I even have one anymore?

Last week, I chatted with a painful sex expert who specializes in pelvic floor therapy. It became clear to me that even though I have a healthy relationship with my partner, a disconnect still exists within our intimacy. While we talk about endometriosis openly, I take active steps to feel sexually empowered, and my diet helps enormously, I still have difficulties with painful sex that need some support.

Thankfully, major developments are now happening in women’s sexual health, specifically about the much-ignored topic of painful sex. I’ve outlined a few below in the hope that they help you to feel sexually nourished again — or for the first time.

For me, the key trigger for pain during sex is penetration becoming too deep. Sometimes pain is there straight away, but more often than not, it will sear through me due to a movement from my partner.

A coping mechanism I’ve subconsciously developed is to always have my legs ready to close against his body if I need to, and my hands will usually always be on his arms or torso if I need to stop him from moving due to a stab of pain. But what this also means is that I’m always on my guard, so I’m always tense, and therefore, I’m more likely to experience pain…….

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