God is good. No matter what storms we may face, He is good. And even though we don’t always understand the storms or aren’t always prepared, He is still good.

This past week, amongst all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, this message has been resounding throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. I am one of the many Houstonians thankful for God’s grace and provision this past week.

Today my husband and I stepped foot in our house for the first time since the storm hit. We actually haven’t been to our house since before the storm hit. As I sat and tried to gather all my emotions and thoughts into words, the way God provided for us became more and more evident. Last Wednesday, my husband was going out of town for a conference at a church in DFW. I am 35 weeks pregnant, so we decided to have me stay at his mother’s house with our two year old son and dogs until he could come get us Friday night to take us home. At first, I was thinking this was just going to put unnecessary strain on us all, and was telling myself I could manage just fine at home. After all, they have a cat, we have dogs, it was only a few days, and all would be fine. Luckily, my husband is a bit more practical and knew I would need some help while he was away, so he vetoed my thoughts of just staying home.

I had no idea about the storm. We don’t watch much TV, and I’ve been busy with family, work and preparing for a new baby, so I haven’t been very up to date on the goings on of the world lately. I had heard a storm was coming, but I figured it wasn’t going to hit us that much. Harvey hit the Texas coast on Friday, and I praise God that it didn’t get bad in our area until my husband had made it back to us safely. The road home, however, was flooded. I am so grateful for the kindness and hospitality of my mother-in-law to not only let us stay in her house, in her room, but to also provide groceries and playtime for our son.

The whole time we were away from home, though, there was always that uncertainty of what we would see when we came home. Would our house be flooded? Would our roof have leaked? Did one of our trees fall? The possibilities seemed endless in my mind. I began to have trouble sleeping, and when I did sleep, my brain would keep the imagination going of what could be happening at our house. As we drove home today, I could see flooded streets and homes, a car in a ditch so deep with water you could only see the top of it, and plenty of debris all over. When we walked up to our house, I was able to breathe a sign of relief to see it intact and dry. Outside of a lot of fruit that had molded and spoiled food (we definitely weren’t prepared to be gone for so long), all was well inside. Outside is a muddy mess, but that is to be expected. Thank you, God, for protecting our home.

As we watch the news of all the devastation of Harvey, my heart is breaking for all that people have lost. We are the lucky ones who didn’t lose everything, but many are still away from home or have no home to go back to. Many of my friends were out in boats helping to rescue people during the week. I am amazed at their stories, and the stories of others, about a community of people from many backgrounds, races, religions, and walks in life coming together to support and take care of each other. This is the true Texas spirit, and ultimately, the true view of the love of Christ.

No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you. – Franklin Graham

Thank you to everyone who has kept us in their prayers. We are very grateful for all the love and support that we have gotten from everyone, especially my husband’s family as they housed us during the storm. While the storm may have left the area, though, its true effects are yet to be seen. I fear that as the waters recede, more and more tragedy will be uncovered. Keep those affected by Harvey in your prayers. Do what you can to support those who have lost, whether it be financially, through donations, through prayers, or however you feel led and are able.

Stay strong and spread love.


About the Author

Melissa is a work-from-home mom of two boys. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Ouachita Baptist University. Her love for Christ influences her lifestyle and work. She loves family life, cooking, art & design, gardening, DIY projects, and natural living.