Hospitals must post prices online starting Jan. 1

Hospitals must post prices online starting Jan. 1 (

[WSAV, 1/2/19]  The federal regulation requires hospitals to post complete price lists online.

A new rule now requires hospitals to list all their prices online. It went into effect yesterday.

The prices on Memorial’s website will be the same price you see on St. Josephs Candler’s website but, that’s not the price you’ll pay.

If you have insurance you will most likely pay a lower price negotiated by your employer. That price depends on things like the procedure and specialty.

“We need an understanding you know its vital to our health care services,” said Gwendolyn Green,  a registered nurse.

Green said even as a nurse healthcare pricing is confusing. “I mean we should not be left in the dark trying to figure out what’s what and going to Google and trying to Google and find out and you know what it is and what i should and shouldn’t do that’s not essential to our overall healthcare and i mean besides that adds more stress to whatever it is that we are already going through,” said Green.

Thanks to a new federal regulation some information will is out there an you can usually find out by looking on a hospitals website and looking for something that says pricing information.

But, it has limited value to the average person.

“No one pays what is stated in the charge master and the payment system is so complex it does have limited value but what it does indicate is transparency and hospitals do support transparency with regards to their pricing,” said Ethan James, the spokesperson for Georgia Hospital Association…………….

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