How to Go Vegan Without Losing All Your Hard-Earned Muscle Mass

How to Go Vegan Without Losing All Your Hard-Earned Muscle Mass (

[GQ, 3/26/19]  Perhaps you decided to go vegan after learning of Benedict Cumberbatch’s plant-based transformation for the latest Avengers movie. Perhaps you wanted to make weeknight meal-planning with your vegan significant other a little easier. Perhaps a recent trip to Superiority Burger—purveyors of a vegan burger we once declared to be the world’s best—made you a believer. Whatever the case, this choice means it is time to bid farewell to all the chicken salads, hard-boiled eggs, and steak dinners you used to consume on the regular.

One thing we can guarantee you won’t say goodbye to, though? Your prized gym gains—as long as you know what to do next.

“It’s a really big misconception that going vegan means you’re immediately going to gain weight or lose all your muscle,” says registered dietitian Emily Wood. “Meat isn’t the only way to get protein, and tons of protein isn’t the only way to keep your muscles strong.” Plus, going vegan brings a host of other health benefits, from better glucose control to reduced risk of heart disease, in addition to the lower carbon footprint it entails.

Still, getting all your nutrients on a vegan diet does require some expert planning

But that’s where we come in. Follow the expert-approved tips below to make sure you stay swole, even after you trade in your turkey for tempeh for good……

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