Pro-abortion orgs raise money so Hurricane Harvey victims can get abortions — the response is brutal

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If the loss of lives, homes, and livelihood from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey wasn’t enough, some organizations have taken the opportunity to lament over the fact that, due to “clinic closures, cancelled appts, & displacement”, women are unable to schedule the death of their unborn at that time. Should that really be the focus of our attention during a time like this? How low have some people come that instead of mourning those already dead, they are mourning those not able to die by their mother’s choice?

What a time to tweet…

It’s funny that they chose the name Lillith for their fund. How obvious does one need to get about their agenda?

According to mythology, “Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries). Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.”

In the darkest of times, they can still only focus on stealing away babies.

Luckily, not everyone supports this unwarranted focus on abortion, and there is hope. Even if you have an unplanned pregnancy, there is hope. If you don’t want to raise the baby, there is hope. Many families who can’t have children would love to adopt. There is always hope, even if you can’t see it.

Instead of reaching out to a community of people who would tell you to kill and cause more destruction, reach out to those who are known to help and love people. Many churches have programs to help, direct, and support women who have found themselves in an unplanned situation. Even if you aren’t a Christian, their doors are still wide open for support. There are even non-church communities out there to provide support. Instead of buying in to the depraved companies that would use such a horrible time like the devastation of Hurricane Harvey to push their agendas, reach out to those that lend helping hands in times of trouble.

If you are pregnant and affected by Harvey, I would urge you to reach out to local midwives, churches and organizations willing to help. I know my church, Faithbridge, has programs and referrals set up to help. Also, our founder and president, Jaelin, is a midwife at Nativiti. They may be able to direct you to support as well. One of the charities we support, Direct Relief, has many resources available for those in need. These are only a few out of many ready and willing to help.

Stay strong and stay safe.


Pro-abortion orgs raise money so Hurricane Harvey victims can get abortions – the response is brutal

Hurricane Harvey, between its wind and days of historic rainfall, caused a laundry-list of problems in southeast Texas and turned thousands of people’s lives upside-down. Homes flooded. Properties destroyed. Dead family members. Texans have faced it all. Hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of Americans nationwide have turned to donate and volunteer in the storm ravaged areas.


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