In defense of lube – Lube saves lives…

In defense of lube – Lube saves lives… (

[Daze, 4/10/19]  There’s a deeply entrenched cultural and social aversion to lubricant that needs to be tackled – we need a lube revolution
As conversations about female pleasure and sex positivity pulsate in the zeitgeist, all and all, the trajectory of women’s sex lives looks optimistic. Yet, despite progressive advocacy and research around sexual health, there’s one taboo that seems relentless: lube. Our cultural aversion to it is doing a disservice to people with vaginas.

According to recent research by condom brand Durex, three quarters of sexually active British women (73 per cent) have experienced sexual discomfort, and because of it, almost one in 10 have faked an orgasm to make sex end more quickly, while one in five (20 per cent) stop having sex completely. The fact that the vast majority of women accept pain to be a normal part of sex (it’s not) is disheartening enough, but even worse is the fact that only a third (34 per cent) would use a lube, despite nine in 10 saying that sex feels better when they do. Lube exists for a reason, so why are we so adamant about using it?

“Many young women don’t know how they are expected to feel when they are having sex, or that discomfort or pain isn’t normal, and this is a real problem,”

says Kate Moyle, psychosexual and relationship therapist, who attributes the issue to a lack of sex education.

“We also have a general level of embarrassment and shame around sex and often find it hardest to discuss (it) with the person that we are having it with, and can fear their judgement or criticism,”

she tells Dazed. “Often people would rather go along with what they believe is “normal” (clue: there is no normal) or expected of them, rather than what might feel better. Using lube isn’t a bad thing, but it often feels like the idea of adding something else into your sex life can be thought of as an indicator that things aren’t alright as they are, and this just isn’t the case.”……

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