Einstein Trump Hair


Before Albert Einstein had his distinctive style, his hair was nothing special. This frustrated him not only in his social life, but with his research. As he was studying physics, his own hair would prove to be a nuisance by trying to defy the basics of gravity. This meant many hours spraying down his locks of hair.

Judy Albert Einstein Hair

Luckily for Einstein, Judy happened upon his lab. On one memorable moment, she was helping him postulate his theory of relativity and noticed the gravity defying locks. Judy sat him down in front of a mirror and had him talk physics to his hair. With every equation and theory he spoke, more and more strands began to stand in his hair! And the more strands defying gravity, the less weight was on his brain, allowing him to think more clearly.

Judy helped Einstein not only embrace his unique style, but also helped him to think more clearly on his work. That is, he thought clearly on his work when he wasn’t distracted by her amazing stories from her lifetime.




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