Kidney function worsens as people get more obese

Kidney function worsens as people get more obese (

[Reuters Health, 1/30/19]  With or without existing kidney disease, kidney function is more likely to decline over time the more severely obese a person is, a large study suggests.

Compared to adults who are merely overweight, people with the most severe obesity are twice as likely to develop impaired kidney function, the analysis found. People who aren’t quite as obese have an 18 to 69 percent higher risk of developing reduced kidney function.

“Excess weight, particularly around the belly, causes many adverse metabolic effects that impact the kidney,” said lead study author Dr. Alex Chang of the Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pennsylvania.

This extra weight can activate the body’s sympathetic nervous system, or “fight or flight” response, which releases hormones that can increase sodium retention and raise blood pressure, Chang said by email. This also makes it harder for the body to remove extra sugars from the blood, leading to diabetes.

All of these things are bad for the kidneys, and inflammation related to obesity and excessive belly fat can also impair kidney function, Chang said.

“First, excess weight increases the sympathetic nervous system activity and hormones that result in increased sodium retention and higher blood pressure,” Chang said. “Second, excess weight impairs the body’s ability to move glucose from the blood into cells, and can lead to diabetes.” Abnormal levels of hormones and inflammation related to belly fat may also adversely affect the kidney, he said…………

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