Largest Study Ever Done on Mammograms States They Are Pointless and Dangerous

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Life Style and Breast Cancer

     I find it appalling in today’s medical world that women are asked to screen for breast cancer via mammography. The science has been available for many years that mammography is not saving lives and may be causing breast cancer and unnecessary treatments along with missing 20% of cancers. We know radiation exposure causes cancer and women radiate their breasts every year to screen for the very cancer radiation can cause. Does that make sense to anyone? Now there is an even fancier 3D mammography with higher resolution and higher doses of radiation. The medical community is now recommending women do both.

     There is a fundamental problem when we do medicine for profit. We are so excited and enthused about technology that we are not even taking a moment to see if the technology really makes sense. We have been doing mammograms for over 30 years in the United States, and according to the New England Journal of Medicine, 2012, breast cancer has been over diagnosed in over 70,000 women. Women who get treated for early stages who never needed treatment. In over 30 years of screening, we have not improved outcomes of women who die of breast cancers.

     What we have learned over the years about cancers is there is a genetic, environmental, and lifestyle risks that increase or decrease our risks of getting cancer. What research has shown is that if we make good lifestyle choices we decrease all risks of cancers despite our genetic disposition. We can mitigate a lot of our environmental exposures by decreasing exposures as much as possible. Lifestyle choices are probably the most difficult changes for people to make. I am in this group as well. We have so many easy choices to eat badly, and not exercise. Science has shown through a healthy diet and moderate exercise we can decrease our risk factors. The article below gives some great suggestions. The basics though, is eat as clean as possible, get 8-9 servings of vegetables a day, if you eat meat, search for antibiotic and hormone free meats, and take your supplements. It’s difficult to get all your nutrients in your food (that’s a topic for another day).

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Largest Study Ever Done on Mammograms States They Are Pointless and Dangerous

When you want to take the precautionary measures and prevent breast cancer, you go to an annual mammogram. But more and more research proves that such a measure is pointless at best and dangerous at worst. Of course, you won’t hear this from any major industry, quite the contrary.


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