Lose 10 pounds without trying with these dietitian-approved adjustments

[Live Well Nebraska, 1/2/19]  It only takes an extra 100 calories a day to find yourself 10 pounds heavier over the course of a year. What if, with just a few slight adjustments, you could take away 100 calories per day to lose those pounds? Here are 10 easy tips to shed 10 pounds without really trying.

Curb the cream.

That whipped cream on your daily latte equals 80 extra calories. Cut the cream, and choose skim milk instead of 2 percent or whole, to equal 100 fewer calories.

Switch from butter to cooking spray.

One tablespoon of butter or oil is 90 to 120 calories. A light coat of cooking spray prevents food from sticking with 2 to 9 calories, which gets the job done in a much lighter way.

Mind the “pick two” rule.

Sour cream, cheese, guacamole, bacon, and mayonnaise are high in fat and add 100 to 150 calories per serving of each. An easy rule to remember is, pick two. On your next turkey sandwich, go for cheese, light mayo and extra vegetables. When you hit your favorite burrito place, go for a light serving of guacamole and pick between sour cream or cheese — and plan to make two meals out of that burrito……………………

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