Menopause and Painful Sex: What You Need to Know

Menopause and Painful Sex: What You Need to Know (

[Healthy Women, 12/6/18] There is a “painful” truth about menopause. One of the common symptoms associated with this stage of life is that sexual intercourse starts to hurt. Through a recent HealthyWomen survey, sponsored by Duchesnay USA, we found that while 62 percent of respondents reported experiencing pain during or after sex, just under half recognized that this pain is actually related to menopause.

While 73 percent of women surveyed indicated that they were still sexually active after menopause, 83 percent of respondents to questions about pain reported experiencing pain in half or more instances of sexual activity with 73 percent rating the pain moderate to severe.

So. What are women doing to treat this pain? In some cases, not much.

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