Introducing Midwife Monday! Today Jaelin talks about water birth safety and answers questions from her followers.

Points from the video:

  • Water birth and laboring in the water can shorten your labor by 32 minutes.
  • Water birth and laboring in the water is completely safe for you and your baby.
  • Research shows laboring in the water is effective pain management during labor. This means less medications, less need to augment your labor, and less interventions in birth.
  • There is a higher rate of natural vaginal deliveries from women who labor in the water.
  • There is less chance for perineal tearing for women who labor in the water and have a water birth.
  • Research shows there is actually less chance of infection for the baby in water birth than birth outside of the water.
  • There are a few risks with water birth: small labial tears, umbilical cord snapping (very rare).

Questions from guests:

  • Can you labor in the water if your water is broken? Yes, but we like to have you labor not as long after your water has broken.
  • Pooping in the water? Many women poop in the water. It happens. It’s normal.
  • Can my partner get in with me? Absolutely. There are no restrictions on who gets in with you.
  • I’ve heard that getting in the water slows down labor. Research shows getting in the water actually shortens your labor by 30-50 minutes. 
  • How many water births have you done? I’ve done over 300 births myself and probably about 80% of those are water births.


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Jaelin Stickels

Jaelin married her high school sweetheart (Ted) in 1984 and is the proud mother of 3 grown children (2 boys & a girl). She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, a Master’s Degree from Georgetown and holds several other professional certifications related to health and wellness; currently, she is working on her Doctorate degree. Jaelin works as a Midwife and Nurse Practitioner with her business partner Andie Wyrick at Holistic Heritage Homebirth in the Woodlands Texas.