Midwifery Is Having A Net Positive Impact On Maternal Health

Midwifery Is Having A Net Positive Impact On Maternal Health (forbes.com)

[Forbes, 5/28/19]  Midwifery is growing in the United States. It is already an enormous presence in Europe. Furthermore a recent study found that the more a state’s health care laws allow the integration of midwifery, the better the well-being (measured by healthy and monitored pregnancy, presence of birth complications, health post-partum) of mother and baby tend to be.

As for the future, I always like to check the past first. The past tells us that midwifery has been the norm for all of history across all cultures except for the majority of the 19th and 20th centuries. Then doctors (the first major foray of men into childbirth) of the Victorian Era promised the mothers that they could do a better job than dirty uneducated midwives.

What women want above all else is to safely deliver their babies. For a time, we believed that could only be done by a doctor in a hospital. So women sacrificed some stuff they also wanted to get that safety. Like having a close connection with their caregiver and not having their pregnancy treated as an illness unnecessarily……..

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