How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

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I LOVE slideshows like this.  Interior design and seeing other peoples’ homes is something I really enjoy. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for their style and personality. Someone’s living space can say an awful lot about a person.

I like to do my own decorating, with things that suite my taste.  And, I also enjoy moving things around in my home and creating different looks in different rooms with what I have.  It keeps things interesting.  I spend time browsing articles like the one included in the original slideshow to get new ideas on how to arrange things that I might have not thought of on my own.

I also tend to keep it “cheap”.  I’m thrifty, so, I tend not to buy things in expensive interior stores…but they can give you great ideas on items to look for at cheaper places where you aren’t paying for the design expertise.

I don’t follow style trends.

I love styling my home, but I also don’t place a lot of stock in whatever that year’s “interior trends” are.  I like what I like and I know what colors make me happy.  Besides…who has the money to change out the style in their home every year with new decor? Spoiler alert – not me.

I feel like incorporating some of ‘you’ into your interiors makes for the best design over cookie cutter ideas in magazines and books.  Use magazines and books as your starting point, and grow from there.  After all, it’s YOUR home…make it yours with your own sense of style.

Your coffee table is a focal point.

I really like this slideshow because it presents a lot of different ways to show your style with coffee table decor.  A coffee table is usually a focal point in a room by default because they tend to sit in the center. That makes it a great place to showcase your taste.

My coffee table is in the image up top.  I took elements and arrangement ideas from interior design sources and put them to work to showcase some of my favorite things.

I used a mirrored tray to keep things together and reflect some light and some old books to create variation in height.  However, the wooden ducks are special to me.  They are vintage carvings from an esteemed woodworker named Tom Taber.  He used to do work for conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited.  Now that he’s passed away, some of his work fetches a really high price.  So, I really like to showcase these two ducks as a focal point.

I also used an elk shed to fill the empty space under my glass top.  This shed antler was a gift from a friend who found it out in the Midwest during a trip he took.  I love antlers and he thought of me when he picked it up.  The antler is also a nice, earthy tie in to the ducks color wise.

Let your design reflect your style.

Your style is what makes your home yours.  So, don’t lose touch with it.  You can find inspiration in all sorts of places.  Making home “yours” is lots of fun!

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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

The living room in a Nantucket cottage designed by T. Keller Donovan has a fresh, contemporary look. An oversize lantern – a favorite design accessory – stays accessible on the wicker coffee table. “It’s an easy way to have a party – you just light the candle in there and whoopee!


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