As a mom of four, I know birth pretty well. Not all of mine were natural births, unfortunately, but I was blessed to have my fourth child at Nativiti Birth Center, and it was the most amazing experience! So when my best friend, Melissa, asked me to be at the birth of her second baby boy at the same birth center, I was both honored and excited. I was so touched that she wanted me to be there for such a personal moment in her life.


Jeneva and her kids hanging out with Milo and family.

We all were waiting somewhat anxiously for Milo’s arrival. My husband was set to go out of town the week Milo was to be born so Melissa and I were both a little sad at the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to be there for his birth. But thanks be to God! Milo waited to make his arrival until the day my husband returned from his business trip! I got to the birth center about ten minutes before Melissa and Josh. I was so excited that this day had arrived and that this sweet family would be meeting their baby soon.

The only sign that Melissa was in pain were the shakes she had during her contractions. And may I just say, Melissa handles pain like a champ! She smiled between every contraction. I truly believe being in control of your labor relieves a lot of pressure and fear from the situation. We all shuffled into the birthing room, and I got out the camera to take some pictures. It was easy to see the progression of her labor. She was in transition! It was a miracle to watch. She took each contraction as it came. She breathed, prayed, and worked her baby down. I was so amazed at how calmly she handled the entire process. And trust me, those contractions are not anything to joke about. But being able to rock her hips and relax in the birthing tub and hang on to her sweet husband undoubtedly helped her get through each contraction one at a time. And if you had told me a few years ago that a woman could sleep between contractions, I would have never believed you, but guess what—Melissa did!! Sweet relief between those contractions was much needed.

I silently cheered for Milo to make his way out. There was such a precious peace in the room as we all quietly encouraged Melissa while she did the hard work of birthing her sweet baby boy. After a little help from her wonderful midwife who pushed back a stubborn part of her cervix, Melissa was able to really get to pushing. It was hard, and I hated to hear my sweet friend in pain, but she handled it so well. She called for Jesus and boy, did He meet her there to help get her through.

Milo was born to the sweet sounds of hymns playing in the background. There is nothing more special than hearing a child’s first cry and seeing Mama lay her eyes on her baby for the first time. I was a bucket of happy tears. It is one thing to be in labor yourself, but to see a friend going through labor and bringing a new life earth side is a miracle every person needs to see. I am so honored that Melissa and Josh wanted me there. It is something I will never forget.


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Jeneva is a busy stay at home home-schooling mom of 4. She has a passion for creating things especially in the area of crochet and crafting. When she is not busy with her kiddos she is working on improving her health. Her journey to better her health began shortly after her 4th child was born. She believes in lifting women up and showing them that you can be successful in any area of their lives.