New study proves thin bodies in the media affect self-esteem

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This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons.  One, as a woman who has struggled with my weight my entire life; I have always been bothered by these images.  These unrealistic expectations of beauty and the perfect female form are insane.  I can tell you in my Nurse Midwife practice, I have seen thousands of women naked and with only a very few exceptions, almost none of them came anywhere close to the images we see in today’s media.  Below is a chart I found on Web MD that shows the distortion of the facts being perpetrated on us.


I think this is no accident.  It is not just because people “like” to look at skinny women more than curvier or heavier women.  I think it is manipulation at the highest level of major corporations to keep us on the consumer treadmill.  Just think about it, the U.S. Clothing industry in 2015 (the latest data I could find) was $359 BILLION.  In my opinion, very few people are buying most of their new clothes because the old ones wore out, or they are out of fashion.  I think that many people are out buying new clothes because what they have no longer fits.  Either they have gained weight or lost it and that black dress that would be perfect for that dinner party just doesn’t fit right.  So, what do you do?  You run out and buy a new one.

This is a result of the over $60 BILLION diet industry that has us Yoyoing up in down in weight.  I truly believe that these 2 huge industries along with the over $10 BILLION U.S. Women’s magazine industry, create the Bermuda Triangle of self-doubt and loathing where self-esteem and confidence go to die.

On the positive side, there does seem to be new interest by some magazines, TV shows, and designers to at least acknowledge larger “plus-size” models.  However, what we see in the media, pop culture is still very largely slanted to unrealistic body sizes.

Anyway, that’s what I think.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Note:  The term “plus-sized” is in quotes because the term itself is derogatory and demeaning.  (Have we ever heard the term “minus sized?”)  #DropThePlus


New study proves thin bodies in the media affect self-esteem

There’s long been a suspicion that daily exposure to slender models and actresses in advertisements has distorted our culture’s idea of beauty. However, since these types of images are pretty much everywhere at this point, it’s a tricky theory to test. But a new study has found that constant exposure to this type of media screws with our self-esteem.


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