People are putting cannabis up their bums and vaginas to have better sex

People are putting cannabis up their bums and vaginas to have better sex (

[Metro, 4/10/19]  Here in the UK, most cannabis users eat, smoke or vaporize weed to get high. But in US states where it’s now legal, a very different method of using weed is emerging. Marijuana is slowly shedding its image as a drug used by munchy-crazed potheads and becoming a medicine for people suffering from chronic pain and even a ‘wellness’ product believed to enhance healthy living.

In California though, people are using placing cannabis-based products inside their bums and vaginas to enhance sex or tackle soreness caused by medical conditions.

We spoke to a company called Foria which makes the world’s first cannabis suppository, as well as a woman who has used weed to help overcome a history of sexual trauma and discover the joy of sex and sensuality. These cannabis advocates told us that putting weed in unexpected places can have remarkable effects. ‘It’s not the usual method of delivery,’ says Mathew Gerson, CEO of Foria, whilst discussing his cannabis suppositories. ‘So it’s been quite challenging for us to present our product to a general consumer audience.’ Before getting involved in the ‘cannabis space’, Gerson was involved in the adult industry, where he worked on the manufacture of condoms. He began to become aware of a ‘major gap’ between the number of pleasure products aimed at men and women, before starting to investigate the potential health benefits of weed……….

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