Pregnancy-Associated Malaria Vaccine Passes First Human Trial

[GEN, 1/17/19]   Malaria is still high on the list as one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. While this parasitic infection is most deadly to children under five years old, pregnant women represent the second largest group to be affected by this disease. It has been estimated that pregnancy-associated malaria (PAM) results in roughly 20,000 maternal and 200,000 infant deaths annually. Now, investigators at the University of Copenhagen have just released Phase I clinical trial data from a newly developed PAM vaccine and the results are promising.

“It is a great milestone for us to be able to show that our vaccine is completely safe and induces the exact antibody response in the blood we want,” explains senior study investigator Morten Nielsen, PhD, associate professor from the department of immunology and microbiology at the University of Copenhagen. “Because it is the immune response that has been shown to be connected with protection from pregnancy malaria. The next step is to document that it prevents pregnancy malaria in African women who would otherwise have contracted the disease.”

The findings from the new study were published today in Clinical Infectious Diseases through an article titled “First-in-human, randomized, double-blind clinical trial of differentially adjuvanted PAMVAC, a vaccine candidate to prevent pregnancy-associated malaria.”………..

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