Sex positions do NOT increase your chances of pregnancy, say experts

Sex positions do NOT increase your chances of pregnancy, say experts (

[Daily Mail, 4/17/19]  Sex positions with deep penetration do NOT increase your chances of conceiving, say experts as they separate eight other fertility tips into fact and fiction.

  • Information that some positions boost conceiving rates is wrong, experts said
  • ‘Sex from behind’ or ‘missionary’ are believed to improve chances
  • The group of gynaecologists reviewed evidence on various fertility tips
  • Diet for female fertility and the date of intercourse have low evidence

Sex positions that penetrate the vagina deeper do not make it more likely that a woman will get pregnant, experts have said.

And lying on their back with their legs in the air also has no effect on their chances of conception, according to a group of gynaecologists.

Brazilian researchers investigated common myths around baby-making, including whether sexual positions play any role.

They warn that a lot of tips on conceiving are spreading across social media without having any scientific proof, such as what to eat or what days to have sex……

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