Sexual freedoms have made progress, but these challenges still remain

Sexual freedoms have made progress, but these challenges still remain (

[Canberra Times, 1/31/19]  Sex. It is meant to be fun, these days, even for women. I sometimes think how hard it must have been for women to enjoy sex in the past when there was no reliable contraception and obstetrics was next to useless. The consequences of sex could literally be fatal, and were for many women.

Women have died horribly in childbirth throughout human history, and still do in many developing countries. Reliable contraception and the huge advances in maternal care and obstetrics didn’t just liberate women so they could enter the workplace, they also enabled them to enjoy sex without fear.

Mind you, even then, new barriers to women’s enjoyment were hastily erected. Sigmund Freud built a beauty when he discounted the clitoral orgasm in favour of the so-called vaginal version. Many women were left wondering whether they were having the “right” kind of orgasm – that is, if they were lucky enough to have one at all. It wasn’t until very recently that couples were able to do much more than flail about in the dark.

It is quite astonishing to realise that it took medical science so long to investigate the clitoris, and that it wasn’t until recently that we started to understand what a major, complex and sophisticated organ of pleasure it really is. As American evolutionary psychologist Edward Clint points out, it isn’t just interesting to know how the clitoris works, it is vitally important for women’s health, particularly women who have undergone the horror of female genital mutilation (talk about wanting to prevent women from having fun). As he says, how can you repair or remediate an organ you don’t understand?…………..

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