Snack drawers and other ways to teach kids to eat in moderation

Snack drawers and other ways to teach kids to eat in moderation (

[The Washington Post, 12/20/18]  Holidays and moderation, do we ever hear these words spoken in tandem? For parents who are trying to feed children healthfully and teach long-lasting healthy eating habits, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah can certainly make for a taxing few months. Teaching moderation is challenging enough without an oversize bag of Halloween candy, leftover pie and plates of Christmas cookies beckoning our children to snack all day. Let’s be honest, they beckon us adults, too.

Just as children need support when they learn to read, write or ride a bike, they need support learning to eat in moderation, especially during snack time. Snacks are usually the most challenging to moderate because children often prefer snack foods to what is served for dinner. Most kids can control the amount of broccoli they consume much more easily than they can control the number of cookies, so if you want to teach your children to snack and eat sweets in moderation, follow these six steps………

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