Stress and Your Menstrual Period: A Cycle That You Can Break

Stress and Your Menstrual Period: A Cycle That You Can Break (

[Everyday Health, 3/27/19]  A missed period may cause you stress, or perhaps it’s stress that’s triggering irregular periods. Either way, what can you do about it?

Imagine you’re planning a dream vacation — taking a 13-hour flight to Sydney so you can swim in the Great Barrier Reef and trek through the Australian Outback. You’ve got a lot to organize and pack, and the thought of dealing with a menstrual period so far from home begins to worry you. Will you be able to handle any uncomfortable cramps and back pain on such a long flight? If your period comes while you’re on vacation, will you still be able to snorkel among the coral?

Your Menstrual Period and the Power of Stress

Even though you may not be planning an adventure around the world, stress and anxiety can still take a toll on you – and your period. Although some stress can be good and even help us challenge ourselves, too much can negatively impact health. The body is sensitive to any unexpected disruptions. Excessive worrying can put the digestive system into overdrive, causing stress symptoms like diarrhea, frequent urination, and abdominal pain; the pulmonary system may respond with rapid breathing.

The female reproductive system can be affected, too. In fact, for some women, stress may play a role in causing irregular or missed periods. As stress levels rise, there’s a chance that your menstrual period will temporarily stop, a condition known as secondary amenorrhea.

(If you’ve been dealing with amenorrhea for a few months, however, your doctor may ask about your health history and perform various tests, including checking hormone levels. Pregnancy, cysts, tumors, hormone deficiencies, and factors other than stress can cause more than one missed period…….

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